[Buying] In Bulk Cobble and more

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  1. Buying In Bulk
    Cobble, Coal, Red wool, Gray wool, Silver Wool.

    At 8015 on Smp4

    Come to my sell shop at 8015 and sell me as much of these items as you can! I need a lot of them really bad so please help me out :)

    Cobble: 40r a stack (16 chests full needed)
    Coal: 160r a stack (6 chests full needed)
    Wool: 100r a stack ( 2 chests full needed of each kind)

    Sell me as much as you want!
  2. PM a mod, that will be better :)
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  3. I edited the prices so now it's 40r a stack of cobble, 160r a stack of coal and 100r a stack of wool.
  4. Would you buy Charcoal as well?
  5. Youre willing to pay that much for coal? I can get you some, but not for that price. :)
  6. are these double chests? or single?
  7. Ehhh, Just sell them to me at that price. I really need a lot of coal so that's why it's so high.
  8. I would but i would only pay 150r a stack. If you wanna sell me charcoal set up a sign for it on your res and ill pick it up.
  9. I still need a lot of COBBLE