{Buying} I am looking for a Bulk Stone Supplier!

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  1. Hey EMC,

    I am looking for someone to supply a Massive amount of Stone. I placed an order here, but he is unable to attend, to I need to look for another Person. I am looking for 20 DC's of Stone for the same cost as i usually buy at.

    Please post below if you are willing to sell, and how much a stack would for buying this bulk about.

  2. Do /v +bulk or /v Sgt_Pepper4 He sells a lot of bulk items and he would sure be happy for you to buy that from him
  3. I am sorry, but he wants 62r a stack of stone, I have bought stone from several players for half the cost and i am looking for 30r tops a stack, since i need 20 Double Chests
  4. i may be able to help, or give info to a friend that may be able to help
  5. How much per stack where you looking for? if i place an order for 20 DC's?
  6. ill have to think about it, idk yet

    but i dont think 30r per stack is enough for me, sorry
  7. Sorry bout that usually he doesnt care
  8. I'm pretty sure I can fill this whole order if no one else can.

    Lowest I can do is 2k a DC though
  9. sure
  10. I'm going to try and get on tonight or tomorrow and I'll see what I have and what I can do.
  11. He is out I sold him out xD
  12. I am able to fill this order for 1700 a dc. Contact me if interested

    +rr Can :)
  13. I got 17 DC's just need 3 DC's now. :)