Bulk Stone Supply

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  1. ok since its the 70th order if i dont need it i will tell you by tommrow if thats fine
  2. Completed Orders:

    BlackKnight1021 - 10 DC's
    820387 - 10 DC's
    BFInc - 10 DC's
    Nfell2009 - 10 DC's

    Pickup is on res 17160, you each has 10 ACCESS Chests.
  3. says no move :p
  4. i dont need any stone any more srry about the confusion xD
  5. i wouldnt mind taking his order if you have already started it and gotten pretty far :)
  6. My apologies! I forgot to reset that flag :p
  7. This order was not started. No harm has been done :D
  8. Thanks, ill pay ya now, great service!
  9. oh and i cant pickup the items ;p says no perm
  10. Thanks. I'll collect soon
  11. Can we get an update on this? ^.^
  12. Sorry, I made a post stating that I have holiday coming up. I get home tomorrow and am able to continue orders.
  13. 5 DC's please :)
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  14. I will take 20 DC's of Stone. Starting to run low. :p Is there any deal for over 10?
  15. The rate for 20 + DC's is 27r per stack.

    Alright, Ill start up on orders today. Ill need a few days to finish up all my prior orders before getting to you guys.
  16. Completed Orders:

    BlackKnight1021 - 10 DC's
    Nfell2009 - 10 DC's
    KiashiSama - 10 DC's
    jackomighty - 10 DC's

    Please pick up at res 17160. Thank you!
  17. Picked up and Paid for.

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  18. This is now closed. Current orders will be filled as I have time. Between Finals and a family issue, I have not had the adequate time I thought I was going to have. All orders are going to have to be pushed back by at least 3 days.

    If you wish to cancel an order, Make a post here.
  19. Okay, well Keep us Posted,
  20. Any progress?
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