Bulk Stone Supply

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    CLOSED - I have left for schooling for another MOS in the Military, I will not be playing for a considerable amount of time. Sorry for the late notice.

  2. finally! ive been needing a ton and havnt had a ton of time to gather as much as i need lol. 10 dcs would be perfect ;p
  3. 16,200r - Pickup is on Res 17160. Thank you!
  4. :D nice thought i would have to wait XD
  5. Open for more orders. I will be away for the thanksgiving holiday, I will fill what orders I have before I leave.
  6. I'll take 10 DC of stone please, and thank you so much for doing this, it helps me so much.

    I'll pay as soon as I can get in-game.
  7. Very fast friendly service. I made a large order and was filled in 24 h ours. +1
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  8. ill take another 10 dcs if possible. and yes really fast i ordered and was ready right away XD magic indeed
  9. I'll take 10DC please mate
  10. Don't pay until you have I have filled the order.

    I will have all 3 of you started and hopefully ready within the next 24 hours.
  11. I'll take 10 DC's please! :D
  12. Your order will be filled by Sunday night.
  13. 10 DC's please and no rush, just let me know when done.

  14. Thank you! :D
  15. Sunday Night is the estimated time of completion.
  16. thanks!
  17. I'll order 10 DC's!
  18. Everyone's order will be postponed by 24 hours. I had a minor issue at home to resolve. I am just starting the production of stone once again.
  19. i will take 10 DC's i need it as soon as possible and do you deliver to the wild?
  20. You are ordering the 70th Double Chest of Stone that I have in my queue to work on, Please be patient on the order. Also, I will make deliveries in town to any residence, but not the wild.