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  1. Hey, im buying a functional triple grinder ( Zombie or skeleton Can be mixed ) 11k is my price but im willing to negotiate.
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  2. 11k for a triple grinder is very, VERY cheap, around the 30k is already cheap
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  3. A triple grinder with only skeles/zombies, Should be price at 60k+
  4. Just asking how much is a double blaze worth?
  5. I paid 45k but it depends on who you are selling it to :)
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  6. A double blaze Ethos design within range of each other is 45k???
  7. That one is around 100k, yes.
  8. Can someone build me a grinder, ill supply and i have a spawner
  9. i have 1 for sale? if you like to buy let me know!
  10. When I said triple grinder, I meant 3 spawners. Your zombie/skele mix with a darkroom could probably get upwards of 25-30k
  11. What mob does it spawn?
  12. zombie
  13. which server
  14. smp1
  15. Perfect how much?
  16. Stop hijacking my threads or i'll report!
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  17. I'ill PM you