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  1. I want all the gold I can get! Please PM me on the forum if you have a decent amount of gold that you can sell at a decent price!
  2. There's a gold farm on smp3... I can hook you up Tuesday :)
  3. I know, but I don't like to afk and I'd rather buy :) I have access to at least 5 gold farms but if someone else wants to afk it and sell to me, I'll be fine to pay them for that :)
  4. Well, feel free to buy out all the gold at /v 9240 on smp4 :)
  5. I will take a look when I get online, thanks!
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  6. You're talking to me, aren't you? :p If there was a good gold farm, I could definitely find some time to get some gold for you. :)
  7. So can someone PM me where one of these gold farms is (a fast one preferably lol), so I can farm some gold for xHaro :)
  8. Hey try /v 2000
  9. Overpriced for what I want.
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  10. What do u need the gold for?
  11. Reasons :) all you need to know is that I'll pay a decent price for any that you have. Beyond that is my reasons :)
  12. Will PM him, thanks.
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