[Buying] Gold, Diamonds - [Selling] Wither Heads, Beacons

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  1. [Buying] Gold 11r per ingot, 100r per block
    [Buying] Diamonds 42r
    [Buying] DC of redstone
    [Selling] Beacon 25k
    [Selling] Wither Head 7500r
    [Selling] Iron 8r

    Shop at 1728, smp 1
    I'll buy so much gold, you could sell me a DC gold blocks for 345k.
    I also buy Diamonds in XXL scale (ask me).
  2. Xxl scale? How many is that?
  3. That is about a single chest dimaond block stacks. if i calculated right 653k worth.
    But i also buy any smaller amounts, because nearly noone has that many diamonds.
  4. Random, how many skulls do you have? Last time I went onto your residence, Their were over thousand! =P
  5. currently 35, but i already sold a lot. i think it was about 85 in total. No i dont got a farm, i just run around nether fortresses for hours and hours and hours.
  6. You actually need that many diamonds? Planning on making a diamond house or somethin??
  7. Would you sell 3 beacons for 60k? Just wondering.
  8. 3=75k. Currently i don't reduce prices, because I could sell quite a bit. Is it only me or has it gotten harder to find heads since about a week? Well may be I was just a bit unlucky lately.
  9. Haha okay. Thanks anyway. And i'm not sure, a friend seems to be getting a decent amount of skulls at a consistent rate though. Good luck with your sales/skull hunt :)