[Buying] God armor + tools

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  1. looking to buy god armor + stuff. Sword & bow at least but also good pickaxe (or two) if u have..
  2. How much am i looking at for them?
  3. I'll sell you:
    - Diamond helmet P4U3
    - Diamond chestplate P4U3
    - Diamond leggings P4U3
    - Diamond boots P4U3
    - Diamond sword S5FA2KB2U3
    - Diamond pickaxe E5S1U3

    All but the bow basically for 36k?
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  4. I dunno, depends what u got 2 offer & enchants it has.

    thx, but I'll need to think about it. i was looking 4 a bit more enchants, so also thorns and feather falling and all that; a bit OP god armor.

    so far no luck, so ill def. keep ur offer in mind!
  5. Thorns is not a good thing to have unless it's for pvp. You will fly through the durability with thorns in no time. I can add feather falling, depth strider, and aqua affinity for a total 41k.
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  6. I will reserve you the set of armor (with aqua affinity, respiration, and feather falling) and sword/pick for another 2 days before I use them for something else. If you'd like them, please pay 41,000 at your earliest convenience. :)

    EDIT - Also none of it has been repaired before so you should get the best repair price when you choose to do so.
  7. I have a set of OP armour with all the best enchants and I can show them to you later today say 7ish EMC time? I will let you decide if you like them or not.
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  8. Go to chumminer on smp5 his 3rd res or steveclasher on smp8 thats where i get my god gear
    Steveclasher you will pay 30k for a set chum you will pay 28k
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  9. Thx for the suggests guys. someone got me new armor but im gonna follow up and get reserve. so far most offers i got were for 30 - 35k so im following up on those. will request thread closed b/c issue is fixed so far.
  10. Did you want my set or no?
  11. no, soz. following other offers.
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  12. try +rr on smp6