Buying Glowstone!

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  1. Hey fellow Minecrafters! I am currently buying glowstone for 1200r per stack! that is a tiny bit under 20r per glowstone! so please comment if you would like to sell me some glowstone :)
  2. I sell it for 23r a block at 4005 SMP2 :)
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  3. can i buy some stacks for 1200r?
  4. glowstone at 13130 smp6 but for more than that
  5. Glowstone is worth 20-30 ruppes a block.
  6. Mistro if you find someone for 20r a stack could you let me know I am in need of glowstone too!
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  7. 20r a stack??? no1 sells that cheap :D
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