[buying] Flame II Bows

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  1. Did you get a Flame II bow after fighting an enraged skellie?
    ill buy it from you.
    5k a Bow (more if they have more enchantments)

    just message me
  2. I have a bow with ALL enchants maxed out, so Power V, Unbreaking III, Punch II, Infinity I, and, of course, Flame II. It's also of course unused.

    How much would you give for this bow?
  3. upping this guy! still on the lookout for flame II bows. with any enchantment
  4. Upp'ing this
    any bows with Flame II enchants i will buy them from you
  5. upping this
    still on the hunt for Flame II bows.
  6. And upping this again!
    ill buy your Flame II bow
  7. How much are you paying for a bow with the following enchantments?

    • Power V
    • Flame II
    • Infinity I
    • Punch II
    • Unbreaking III