[Buying/Finding] XP Farms of any Kind

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  1. I am currently trying to find xp farms of any kind,(endermen, blaze, zombies, etc.) If you know any designated areas and is offering a price, please PM me. If you know a public farm on a server and are polite enough to give me a PM, please do. Thanks! :)
  2. Smp3 has a public gold farm, enderman farm, as well as an iron one.. I'm not home atm but if you want, I can show you the way in an hour or so ;)
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  3. Oh, I didn't have enough time yesterday to find you, lol. :p Could you be kind enough to PM when you will be on/ a guide to the farms? Are they are next to each other?
  4. I'll give nether location.
  5. Find me in about an hour or so? They can be a bit confusing to get to
  6. Could I see this aswell? Sounds extremely helpful.
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  7. Are you still available? I wasn't on lately due to some problems with PC.
  8. Ive got a zombie grinder i would sell.
  9. Can you PM the details?
  10. Can you also PM me the details?
  11. I have one of the fastest endearment farms on EMC, but I use it a lot. How often would you be using it?
  12. Most likely about 3 days a week, if not even more.
  13. Utopia's endertopia :p u are diamond after all
  14. My supporterships ends today.. :p
  15. Hey
    Could u PM me the coordinates of the farms?
  16. Really? Why bump a year+ old thread also I'm pretty sure he's inactive...
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  17. Dunno.
    I need an iron farm, but can't build one myself.
    Don't have resources.

    EDIT: I made the same mistake Stew did :oops:
  18. And did you read the title he is buying finding them
  19. sam, if you are working something out with him I am fine with it. :)

    I only use it like once a week :p

    EDIT: Ok, I did not see it was a one year old thread :oops:
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