[BUYING] Fastest horse!

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  1. Hello, I have some rupees and would like to see who can sell me the fastest horse.
    I do not care for health or jump, just speed. Currently my fastest is 133 so something over that! Offer your horse and your price. If it's fast enough, I'll probably just buy it. :)

    P.S, staff, if this is a bad thread, pls move it to correct area because I have no idea.
  2. First off, you need to fill out the reverse auction right.

    You have not specified the exact speed of the horse you are trying to recieve in a reverse auction.

    You have also not given a starting bid, for a 134 % i suggest a starting bid of 150k

    You also have not stated a min bid decrease amount. I also suggest 2k for that.

    You have not stated an end time for this invalid auction as well.

    I have sent a report to staff to close this auction. If i were you i'd create a new post with the info i listed. You might get a bidder or two. I hope i was helpful and do hope i didn't discourage you from a future reverse auction. They do come in handy for special items like this.
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  3. I believe he is making a [Buying] thread...
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  5. Like you outbid previous person with a higher speed horse to sell.
  6. I specifically didn't put this thread in a specific thread area because it didn't exist.
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  8. Ah, I see my problem now. Was a bit confused since staff changed it a bit. Yeah, hence the bottom message I wasn't quite sure.