[ BUYING ] everything listed, not auction

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  1. Coal- about 1 DC- willing to pay 165r per stack
    Lapis- about 1 DC - willing to pay 200r per stacl
    Emerald- about 1 SC- willing to pay 1k per half stack
    Netherrack- about 1 DC and 1 SC- willing to pay 64r per stack
    Wool/all colors- abou 1 DC of each- willing to pay 2k per SC
    Carrots/Potatoes- about 1 DC for each- willing to pay 2,350r per DC
    Chests/signs- about DC of each- willing to pay 100r per stack [ chests ] and 50r per 64 signs
  2. Love your signature. Sorry, but I do not have that much
  3. I have:
    Coal- one DC - 8,910r
    Carrots- one SC - 1,175r
    Potatoes - one SC - 1,175r

    Total: 11,260r
    Want to pick them up at my first res on smp8 after payment?
  4. I have a DC of Netherrack. I'll do it for a few thousand.
    P.S. Signs can't be stacked in stacks of 64 :p
  5. I can do 6k on coal, on SC of each is good as well. :p

    ok. 3k good?
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  6. The coal is based off of your own pricing per stack.
    I will not go lower than your own pricing.
  7. Oh, I stupid! Deal :3
  8. Fine
    Can you pick up right now?
  9. thanks for the transaction :3