Buying Emeralds & Diamonds

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  1. I'm buying 10 stacks of diamond for no set price.. Please post your price,Server,Residence in the post below.

    I'm also buying Emeralds for like 750r the stack.

    Tell me your prices and location, Thanks :p
  2. I have 7 stacks of diamonds 42 each I think... If not its 45r per diamond
  3. I'm going to use them for whatever I want. I'll be paying rupees.
  4. Buy at my store on smp8 res 16803!
  5. I think 45 is a bid too much. I've got an offer for 39r. I'll still keep looking if anyone goes lower.
  6. Gap542, you know that 18648 on smp9 has Diamonds... plenty of them and you are welcome to buy them in the shop
  7. I think its 42r
  8. You new players and your weird concept of prices :p Back in February diamonds used to be rarely sold for 50r! Now 35r is the price everybody makes their diamonds.
  9. Diamond fall in price because of a dupelication glitch, alot of people abused it! there is thousands of dupelicated diamonds now, so the price went like 10r lower.
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  10. Or we could burn them all? :eek:
  11. I have Diamonds, Diamond Blocks, and Diamond Ore for Sale at 18648

    For Emeralds I have Emerald Blocks... soon to have more Emerald Ore in stock.

    100+ different items in stock at 18648 on smp9 :)
  12. How much for it though? Per diamond?
  13. Oh,So... There's a new Dupe glitch for 1.3.1 for diamonds?! ._. Sounds awful,hope there gets some type of new method to patch this glitch without going to like 1.4
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  15. after he mentioned that i looked it up and there are some youtube videos claiming there is a dupe glitch, i haven't tried it but it seems like a really dumb way to play. i seriously doubt anyone is doing it. one of the videos had a disclaimer stating that it could make your "world disappear" which i don't exactly understand but now i'm curious if someone WAS doing this if it could also cause a server to crash or something. i dont think so but you never know.
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  16. Arghhh I dont want to be super poor from this...