Temporary Community Diamond Buy Back

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  1. Hey everyone,

    As some may or may not know, we had a few knuckleheads come on our server a week or two ago and use a duplication glitch to flood the server with diamonds/diamond blocks. Generally, this usually throws off the balance for a couple weeks and everything settles back down. This situation is no different than the other times it happened.

    However, we've had a few people complain that their shops were "over sold" diamonds with their shops that buy items. I put that in quotes, because it's very common knowledge that if you don't want to buy items or a certain amount of items, simply pre-fill it up. Well, some people didn't do this and want to blame those that sold diamonds to them. I'm stating now that if anybody uses this thread to play the blame game on people in public, they will receive a temp ban. This is your only warning on that.

    The people in charge have been banned. Between Aikar and I, we've spent at least 5-8 hours between us searching through logs, conversations, etc. to make sure those responsible were punished, and they were. Don't think or ASSUME that someone who bought FROM the bad guys and sold to you were responsible. We looked into everyone, and the right ones were punished already.

    That all being said, for those who wish to rid themselves of possible duplicated diamonds, we're setting up a temporary diamond buy back shop in the SMP 1 /shop. You can sell diamond blocks in quantities of 32 or 64 at a time for 7,200 or 14,400 rupees respectively. Do I recommend using this? Not a chance. To those who's shops bought back the diamonds, I would just resell them over a week or two and get back more money than you spent on it (assuming you have a smart shop setup and don't buy them for as much as you can sell them).

    As it's impossible for us to know which diamonds are good/bad, we're not forcing anyone to "give them up". If you happen to have diamonds that may have come from the duplicators, consider them yours to use as you wish. If you don't want that many and would rather have rupees. The SMP 1 /shop will be available to buy them back for a few days.

    We understand that some people who just had been stocking up diamonds for a long time will be able to take advantage of this. Have at it. :)

    Thank you.

    Just a big reminder, so nobody can say they missed it:

    Anyone who uses this thread to accuse/point blame at others in public will receive a temp ban from the game. No excuses.
  2. Officially proved to be idiot-proof.
    Except to the cow who couldn't get the sign right xD

    *ICC puts sign on*
    *Sign falls off*
    *ICC puts sign on*
    *Sign falls off*
    IcecreamCow: wtf
    *ICC puts sign on*
  3. Leave me alone. :(

  4. Ok I will sell my 5 stacks of diamond blocks back because some people sold me over 100k worth of duped diamonds :(
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  5. thank you for making this an option - i'm sure the big shop owners appreciate it.
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  6. I tried to meet in the middle of everything. The good news is, those that were "affected" now know to properly setup their shops to be more careful and can avoid this from ever happening again. :)
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  7. i apologize for being a pain in your side, im just a firm believer that both parties deserve to be corrected as a resolution rather than a resolution where just someones name is cleared.
  8. It's fine and thanks for apologizing. I understand the situation sucks. However, when we tell you that we put hours into researching things and give you a response, even if it's not what you expected, it's the honest truth of the matter.
  9. If there is one thing I've learnt from running a shop, it is this :p I remember when I first opened up different sections I was running around like a mad woman with dirt filling up chests half way. I just didn't have the money to allow people sells me HUGE amounts of anything. :)
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  10. for half the price of what I bought em for, Ill just hang on to them.

    But, I put financial safe blocks in play so its all good. Others should always do they same.

    In fact, I am going to set up a chest to buy diamonds for 27r each (2r more then ICC is paying) at smp2 shop,. v 3456
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  11. You may also sell your "duped" diamonds to my shop.

    Visit 10030 in SMP5. Sell as much as long as the exchange chests are not full.
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  12. By the shop on SMP1, do you mean the /shop shop?
  13. Yup.
  14. Bump for those who haven't seen yet. :)
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  15. Does this explain why there has been a fall in diamond prices? I have noticed people want diamonds for less now than they did a month ago :/
  16. Partly I'm sure. Diamond prices go up and down depending on the server you're on. Good news is, this hasn't crippled EMC in the past and it won't in the future (when I'm sure Minecraft will introduce some new feature that breaks and unleashes another dup glitch, haha). Just let the diamonds get used up and everything will go back to normal. The only difference is, some people won't go out and mine specifically for them for a little bit.
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  17. I'm still going to go diamond mining. Nothing beats the thrill of finding them :D
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  18. Ironically, This happened on the prison server I play on, in tandem with this event happening here.. The wardens had to shut off a lot of the plugins to sort things out and I believe one of the guards or something got banned for supplying the dupers there.. xD So I kinda wonder if any other servers got affected around the same time?
  19. That's likely. Someone finds a glitch, posts it on Youtube, then the rejects from all the hacker forums go around and spread it/try and find out how to do it and it spreads around until a patch comes out.
  20. at my shop you can buy diamonds free and sell them free so thay can go around
    and luse them in the wild or make a diamond flore