[BUYING] EMC's Worst Steed

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  1. I want to buy a horse. However, it cannot be just any horse. I want to very worst horse that you can find! I want a horse that can barely get off the ground, a horse that is barely faster than a pig, a horse that nobody in their right mind would bother to buy. I don't care about health/color, but the horse must have minimal jump and speed. I will pay 500r for this horse. If you believe you have a suitable candidate, please post the stats of your horse here. Thank you.
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  2. just one question first. WHY WOULD YOU WANT THIS?
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  3. Tomorrow I'm going to breed 2 valens and see how terrible of stats that I can get you.

    Damn that was an awkward sentence.
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  4. I've also wanted a very slow horse, a horse that I can just use to stroll around, maybe jump over a half slab, and die from 1 creeper explosion. I have a 60 speed horse though.
  5. *starts to breed my horses
  6. I have no idea. Maybe what Cordial said? I don't know. :p
  7. ill breed my valens :p
  8. 500r? Maybe that's pretty low, cause it's as hard to get a super duper horse, getting the worst steed, I think.
  9. Fine, I will go 750.
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  10. Someone was offering me a 23 speed horse for 100.I don't know the other stats,the jump could have been 200
  11. Not possible! :p
  12. Okay,could have been 90 but I only know that the speed was 23.
  13. lol I wish someone had a horse with 1% speed 1% jump and 1HP
  14. Find them!!! Bring them before me!!! I shall have dat horsie!
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  15. Oh, uh, please. :p

    Note: I only double-posted because I am not able to edit posts for whatever reason. :)
  16. I can't remember who.
  17. i asked icc in res chat after the mob arena for a horse with .01% speed, .01% jump, and .01 health. he never responded, but someone, i forget who, said that the horse would alrdy be dead with only .01 health

    EDIT: and no, im not stupid, i asked for it as a joke knowing i wudnt get it XD (which might very well make me stupid)
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