[Buying] EMC Rares

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  1. Hello EMC
    As most of you know, i left the Empire a few month back, but now i'm back!
    When i left i gave away pretty much everything, including my
    • Empire Rocket
    • Empire Valentine Rose
    • Empire Vault Voucher
    Therefor i wish to buy some new ones :)
    I was thinking
    EMC Rocket = 40k
    Empire Valentine Rose = 15k
    Empire Vault Voucher = 12k
    These prices are up for negotiable if you think they are unfair :eek:
    At a good prices i would buy more than 1 of each, please just either PM me or leave a message below.
  2. I have an EMC rocket in stock at 4005 SMP2 for 35k
  3. I have a Flaming mob launcher, ore buster, Big daddy helmet and a Bullet proof vest that i'm willing to sell.
  4. Still searching for an EMC Valentine Rose and an EMC Voucher!
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  5. I have neither...
    But I have a complete set of the 60, 000 member armor and tools :D
  6. Still buying a treasure vault Voucher!
  7. Still buying.
    I Will pay 20k for Vouchers :)
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  8. I have the 60k member items at 18841 on smp9 probably the cheapest ubwill find
  9. I can sell 1 valentines rose :)
  10. I can sell a Valentines rose as well, for that price XD (Thats supposed to be 15k right?)
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  11. Already got one. I will still pay 5k if you like :)
  12. I have a voucher for 20k if you want.
  13. Nice, i'll be on SMP1 in 5-6 hours
  14. Uh. I'l be asleep. I'll set up a chest for you at res 404 there and you can just pick it up / pay me then
  15. Would you like to purchase a pateraterick signed diamond block for 1000r?
  16. I have no idea what each of these items are..
  17. This will help you out - except the 60k members items - :)
  18. Paid and picked up :)!