[ BUYING ] Eff IV Diamond Pickaxes + More!

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  1. Today, I will be buying the following items :
    Pickaxes ( Diamond ) :
    Eff III
    Eff IV
    Eff III Unbreaking III
    Eff IV Unbreaking III

    Shovels ( Diamond ) :
    Eff III
    Eff IV
    Eff III Unbreaking III
    Eff IV Unbreaking III

    Bows :
    Power III
    Power IV
    Power V
    Infinity I

    Swords :
    Looting III
    Looting III Sharpness I-V
    Looting III Sharpness I-V Knockback I-II
    Looting III Smite I-V
    Looting III Smite I-V Knockback I-II

    Drop Off : 2222 Smp1
  2. Me haz 3 Efficiency IV Diamond Picks!
  3. I
    I will buy them! How about 300r a piece? If so, meet at smp1 2222!
  4. 1000 Rupees for all?
    And ok, ill come online ;)
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  5. Thanks! Was traded :)
  6. I have a couple New Dia Picks Silk Touch, Eff III, Unbreaking III, what will you pay per pick? Thanks
  7. Sorry, not looking for Silk touches, I have a double chest full, but thanks! :)
  8. Why you buying stuff that cheaaap....
  9. I made prices?
  10. Check 1004... We may have some in stock!
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  11. Will you buy Eff 4 UnBrk 3 Fort 3 diamond pick?
  12. Sure. Come to Smp1 2222 and we will negotiate prices.
  13. how much ruppess for
    eff IV Unbreak III Diamond Pick
  14. 1k or less if you are generous. :)
  15. how much if i m not generous :D
  16. 1K
  17. Expect me over some time today.
  18. Me has a double chest full of Efficiency III diamond picks.
  19. Hmm. I will buy 10 of them.