[Buying] Dragon Eggs

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  1. I am looking to buy a few dragon eggs. If you are interested in selling me a dragon egg or two then please message me and we can discuss a price and a delivery location.
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  2. ... Never seen a thread like this before.
  3. You CANNOT expect people to sell you dragon eggs man, there are barely any not sold to /shop for 1r to get 20 when dragon tombs comes out. Do some research If you don't know what that is
  4. Deacon used to be an EMC mod not to long ago. I'm sure he know this. Also, the owners already got their twenty back.
  5. Can you rephrase that? With English this time ;)
  6. The people who had those, sold them and got back their egg plus 19 others to sell to other people. He wants an egg, anyone willing to sell him one can sell him one. He knows all about this.
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  7. Reread it. Dum mobile devices...
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  8. Lol
    Lol, I know where your coming from. I think I get it now. :)
  9. Ya I know that people sold their egg to the shop and that they have already gotten back that same egg plus 19 extras. That is why I posted this to see if any of them would be willing to sell me one of their extra eggs. No need to post something in the manner that you did to my question. It came across pretty rude, even if that was not your intention. The fact that I used to be Staff should not determine how people post to others as posting in a rude or hurtful manner can lead to issues with the still active staff. Just a heads up for ya.

    Anyways, if anyone out there is willing to sell me an egg then please PM me and give me a price range and we can negotiate. :)
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  10. pm with an offer :)
  11. I would talk to faithcaster, I know he's been trying to sell them.
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  12. Thanks for the info man.
  13. I have 19 eggs that at this point have no actual use to I'd be willing to sell some if people PM'd me offers :3 Thanks ^.^
  14. Pretty damn rude.
  15. Thanks Dwight...good info. I missed faith's egg auction. Hopefully, I can buy one :)
  16. Back at you
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  17. Dreacon, I think moose and I were going to sell some of our 36 not previously spoken for (one in hotel, one was a prize). You can pm offers if you want. Moose still hasnt decided prices, but we've got some to spare :p.

    p.s. we will be moving this weekend, so if you dont get a response asap, we are lugging couches and crap into or out of a moving truck