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  1. Hey guys, I can't seem to find any shops that sell donkeys. I've seen a few on a couple smps (I think there's one on smp2, but I can't remember). My horse, 'White Lightning', died due to a lag incident in the wild, so i'm looking for a new ride, and thought a donkey would be a good start. I'd also be willing to buy/sell directly, but if you could refer me to a shop also, that'd be great! Thanks in advance!
  2. I'm the shop on smp2, it's at /v 3275. :)
    Also, if that one's ever out of stock, I have an outlet at /v 2000 on smp1. Cheers ^^
  3. I do not sell donkeys , but I have breed some donkey in past, to get fast ones, if you like I could breed you some. I should still have those eggs somwhere ...
  4. I don't really care about the speed, I just want a donkey. xD Sorry... it feels like a waste to post here, but I haven't been able to find any donkeys.
  5. Check your mail "/mail get 1" ;)
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  6. sent, enjoy :)
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  7. *jumps on bandwagon and explodes mastapasta2000's mailbox with donkeys..* :D
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  8. soon at mastapasta's res....

    and this one is speshul...

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  9. Well... I definitely have donkeys now. Thanks everyone! ;)
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  10. Hello everyone I am also looking for a donkey to breed with my horse. Is there anywhere on smp6 that sells donkeys?
  11. Look at 12507, I should still have some donkeys in stock..
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  12. Thankyou autumn! I bought a donkey and 40 sugar lumps from you (12507) :cool:
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  13. Hi, I sell donkeys on smp4 8028. In the speed/yellow carpet area at this green thing is a chest selling donkeys. Speeds are between 100 and 110. Cheers
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  14. Thanks Sn00bDog I visited 8028 and got 80 sugar, a saddle and a mule. I like your prices :)
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  15. Thanks, I like happy costumers :)