[Buying] Diamonds, Lots of Them

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  1. 2 stacks of blocks now needed.
    Find me in game, post here or PM :)

    Thanks :D
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  2. Blocks or Items?
  3. Which was edited in afterwards :)
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  4. oh lol
  5. After I build up some more from voting I'll sell you a stack
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  6. i have a stack and 7 diamonds i can sell you.
  7. You got a deal
  8. come to smp2.
  9. Still needing them diamonds
  10. Thanks to a recent donation, amount has been lowered :)
  11. I sell diamonds at /v 17000 for 76r each (a little high i know i know) on smp8
  12. Would you be available for a bulk purchase?
  13. How many do you need Rainbow?
  14. I have close to 9 stacks of diamonds in it i think, I also have a stack of diamond blocks selling there
  15. 4 stacks of blocks, this might change after I buy from mirror
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  16. I can maybe sell a stack of blocks if you need them :)