Buying diamond supporter?

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  1. I was thinking About buying diamond supporter for myself. Well I was wondering if I could buy a visa gift card from like Walgreens or something would the Visa card work or would I be wasting my time? I don't own a credit card because I am only 13 years old and my parents don't want to spend their time trying to get me upgraded. So I was wondering if I could simply use a visa gift card? Please help xD.

  2. Have your parents pay with there credit card or pay pal, and pay them back cash.
  3. I wish it was that easy
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  4. Well, EMC uses PayPal for upgrades.
    And PayPal requires for a Credit/Debit card to be linked to it unfortunately.
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  5. I'm pretty sure a prepaid Visa Card SHOULD work. I don't see why it wouldn't, but I don't know how exactly they handle the payments either.
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  6. You can opt out of using a paypal account in favor of a debit/credit card on the payment page.
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  7. Make sure you check with Paypal customer support first BUT if you have a paypal account, you should be able to link the prepaid. HOWEVER, I know they don't let you get subscriptions with them, so you would have to manually do a one time payment each month. If you look into it and decide this option works for you, send me a message and we'll go from there. :)
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  8. Becoming a diamomd supporter is a great upgrade. You would not be wasting your money.
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  9. I don't think he was worried about the waste of money lol, just how to pay it
  10. I know, im just saying that it is worth the time.
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  11. I don't have a paypal or anything. I just go straight to Walgreens buy a visa gift card, would it work? That's all I'm wondering. If it doesn't work I can't get it.
  12. Yeah I'm up for getting a payment one by one not fully subscribing
  13. To make sure it does work, instead of a gift card go for a reloadable card such as a Green Dot. I know those have a lot less issues than the gift cards usually do in the way of imitating a real card.
  14. Are they sold at Walgreens?
    Are they sold at Walgreens?
  15. Err if you can pay with what I call visa then yes. (A creditcrard compony)
  16. He doesn't have one
  17. I'm 13 remember? My parents hate video games so they try to avoid helping me with anything game related so I just avoid asking them these kinds of questions.
  18. Green Dot is sold at Walmart. It will work. It is a prepaid card for those who can't or wont get a checking account. It has an activation fee and a monthly fee without direct deposit. If you just want to use it once a month, use the Green Dot card and then go back to Walmart and reload it. It will run you about $2.99 activation and then $1.99/month maintenance fee. This is your best option because of your age. You will be able to get a debit card without a checking account.
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  19. I'm not sure what stores are in your area, but it should be offered at most convenient stores. I think I have seen it at rite Aid, and I know my store (Kroger) sells them.
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  20. Nice to know. I thought Green Dot was a Walmart exclusive thing... :)