[Buying] Diamond Supporter Voucher

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  1. I will pay a lot of rupees if someone could sell me a diamond supporter voucher.
  2. How much are you willing to pay?
  3. Yeah how much are you payin?
  4. But, are they still redeemable after new years eve?
  5. i'll pay up to 20k
  6. $16 can buy you 21000r with the 4x rupee stuff :p $20 is something like 28800r
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  7. They do not expire :)
    They go for at least 100k and soon to be 200k :)
  8. I paid 200k for mine. ;)
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  9. i may be able to pay 25k
    EDIT: On the rupees page, $20 would normally get me 7200r, you would get lucky if you got 25k for it... Boozle, you got ripped off
  10. quick reply...
  11. Diamond vouchers are worth around 200k lol.
  12. It would be cheaper to just buy it with real money.
  13. Then just buy it with real money if you don't like in-game prices.
  14. I just found out. 6k is cheap but is worth diamond supporter for 1 month.
  15. Noooooo

    Diamond supporter is worth much more. If that's all you are willing to pay, just buy gold from someone.
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  16. It's true. Such things can be worth incredibly high amounts, when it is in-game money. Cause it is bought with real money. And people who can't pay real money but have a lot of in-game money can pay really much
  17. Nope. They are worth 200k. Usually 1 dollar is about 10k. You are the one ripping others off so please do not say he got ripped off.
  18. You know the way you buy rupees directly with $ is kind of like /shop. Incredibly overpriced and just there to keep the economy stable. You could get 10k per dollar easily from other players. I personally bought a voucher for 115k and another for 140k. I don't even think 25k would buy iron tbh unless you know a friend with lots of real life cash. It is well worth 200k and I got lucky with the deals I had :)
  19. I'm selling diamond supporter vouchers for 290k at 4005 on SMP2 :)
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