[BUYING]Diamond Shovels and Picks

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  1. Hi guys, I need regular diamond shovels.

    I have set my price at 120r per diamond shovel, I am buying one full DC.

    I am also buying 1SC of diamond picks @360r each.

    Where?- /v 5044 sand
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  2. Do you want enchanted or unenchanted?
  3. Unenchanted, just plain old regular diamond shovels. (They are used for repairing :))
  4. Ok i wanted to be sure
  5. Stew, I can hook you up with them if you haven't found any yet, let me know:)
  6. Nobody has sold yet. Even if they have, I am always interested. PM me.
  7. Will do, or I'll find you ingame. Otherwise, check out 6500 on 3, there's some there:)
  8. Bought you out :)
  9. No worries:)
  10. Bump, still buying over a SC.
  11. I can sell you a DC if you want
  12. PM me.
  13. Bump, still about 27 slots to sell to.
  14. sure. I'll get u 'em tomorrow
  15. Bump :)

    Now buying some picks too!