[buying] Diamond Ore - 370r per - /v 2016!!

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  1. Please sell me Diamond Ore!

    Step 1: /v 2016
    Step 2: Sell me ore
    Step 3: ?????????
    Step 4: Profit

    That is all.

    edit: inb4 "instructions unclear cat stuck in dishwasher" posts
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  2. I have some come by my res or pm if I'm nnot online
  3. Enjoy
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  4. Need about 18 more stacks. :)
  5. where u need it for :p
  6. How many stacks do you need for what i can only hint at as a diamond ore pyramid ?
  7. I already have 50~ stacks only need a bit more..
    Its actually for an event, not a build :)
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  8. i specially went out to the dangerous wild to mine u some diamond ore :p 38 to be exact :p
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  9. 500 shiny ores, delivered to your chest shop good sir. :D
    (7 Stacks, and 52 blocks to be exact)
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  10. how much more do u need?
  11. 6 stacks!
  12. ill go on another mining mission see what i can find ;)
  13. sold u nearly a steck of freshly mined diamonds :)
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  14. Bump, soooo close to the goal. :)
  15. Filled the last 4 1/2 stacks. Let me know if you need more!
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