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  1. Sell all your diamonds ores to 1122! Very fair price of 170r per :)

    /v 1122 on SMP1 or type /v +diamonds
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  2. Nearly half a million rupees to be made!
  3. 60r? bit cheep, diamond exchange results are showing prices of 64r+ with good selling results
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  4. I agree with simon...I have a stack of blocks but would never sell them at 60r.
  5. The price of Diamonds have increased yet again?
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  6. Apparently.. A week ago they were 60r solid but oh well lol.

    Paying 63r per now. Ignore the title until I get a mod to change it :)
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  7. Your best bet for pricing is to follow the exchanges, Leowaste's shop has a good exchange, though he will soon need to extend the top cap to accommodate current inflation due to product removal with mobarenas.

    These exchanged give active data on the pricing of items as the cheapest chest to contain items is the current market base. True these systems can be abused but only at great loss in rupees to the person abusing it.
  8. Bump, paying 63r each! Bought some already :)
  9. Ill be getting some to sell soon, didnt notice that the price actually went up :D
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  10. So the price is going up, eh?

    Aikar's economic reign is beginning to come upon us..
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  11. Has the Empire Shop started buying? How did diamonds shoot up 20r in value?
  12. Welcome to the class of EMC Economics! Where its complete non-understandable, in any single way! And changes in a night!
  13. Clearly I'm not the newcomer here if you're welcoming me to the 'class of EMC economics'. ;)
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  14. 20r? lol
    I'm setting values at /v 2000
  15. I know :p It was a joke, I know quite a lot about you actually
  16. Not sure what happened, but it is great for people like me who have way too many. :D
  17. The vast wealth of diamonds is currently tied up in people's builds, with what free diamonds that were in circulation being use rapidly for the almost nightly Mob arena / Death events.

    Thanks to the moderators we now have an effective money sink where by vast quantities of diamonds are being flushed out the system nightly.

    Todd the comment was not 20r value, but an increase of 20r from the last check by the player. And no, your not setting values on things, the community is, that is why using 'Diamond Exchanges' for data collection is unbiased to looking at specific shops.
  18. If I'm not settings values on things, then anyone can come to my ultimate store and sell their diamonds if they value them to be at 45r, and sell them for 63r, or whatever, they are making huge profit, and others will eat up what I have in stock. Still whatever you claim, my stock is going is going to be digested into the world of rupees.
  19. Didn't think of that, it makes complete sense though. :)
  20. 72Volt is the Economics Professor here at EMC, Like He is teh Economy Dictionary.