[Buying] DC's of Sugar Cane

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  1. So this is a call to all farmers out there who need cash.
    I'm buying 20 DC's of Sugar cane for 400r each DC that's 8k for all 20 DCs
    so get to farming and make a buck off of me :)
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  2. I could get you a DC soon!
  3. I have 2 double chests currently but I could get you 20 in 2-3 days.
  4. i got 10DC so 4k? once payment is recieved ill set you up :)
  5. Where do you need them delivered? If you set up 20 double chests with buy signs at your res, you can benefit from everyone competing to sell to you. Also, I have about a double chest ready, but can get more if you still need it.
  6. Ok, I'll Pay for These 10 DCs of Sugar Cane :)

    Its a Nice suggestion supereskimo. I'm already processing 10 DC's so I'll put 10 DC's on my res with Buy Signs. Please when Entering my res at 3085 go to the Storage room (Teleporter will be on your right) the buy Chest's will be there.
  7. july im sorry someone bought 2 of them.... so 8 for 3200...
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  8. Ok than I'll buy the 8 of them and set up 12 boxes in my res.
  9. Ok, I've Set up 13 Double Chest at 3085 SMP2 Storage Room. I think right now 4 of those chest are Complete, so those of you wanting to win some money for your crops come over and sell to me Also Amusedstew, please let me know where to pick up my sugar cane I've already paid :)

    Edit: P.S. I'm looking to buy 1 or 2 Constant Sugar Cane Suppliers if any of you are interested let me know <3
  10. Im in nether atm, once i return to town ill give you some access chests at res 10056.
  11. ok than. Let me know and Thank you <3
  12. If you didnt get pm on smp2 just now, pick it up at 10056 up the ladder to 2nd floor
  13. I was afk when you sent the PM but thank you I got the message in time XD
  14. I've picked all 8 Double Chest Amusetedstew. Thank you and for everyone else, I still need 9 more Double chest so deliver to 3085 storage room on SMP2 or let me know if you preffer I pick up and just set up a shop sign for me :)
  15. There are still 11 DC's to fill in if any of you are still interested in this. if you don't wanna deliver just let me know and I'll go pick up :)
  16. Will you buy in smaller quantities? Cause I don't have enough for the sign, but I still have a good amount.
  17. Sorry Cat, I only buy in those quantities. I can't accept to buy for less.
  18. So I'm working on a project so my Storage room is currently unavailable so I'm only take others I can pick up.

    If you still have those 2 chest's or any amount let me know, I'll buy them.

    Get me as Many DC's as you can I'll buy them.
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  19. I have 5 chests that I can sell you for 2k. If you want them they will be at 205 on smp1.
  20. ok, I want them :)

    Edit: I've paid. Please set up the chest and give me Move perms :)