[Buying] DCs and SCs of Stuff for Automatic Farms

Discussion in 'Buying' started by Polymerized, Oct 8, 2016.

  1. Hello, everyone! I am currently building on a residence full of automatic farms and I just ran out of supplies. Dang. But not to worry, I just need several DC more of supplies and I am wondering if anyone has DCs to sell to me of the following items.

    I guess for prices I will just ask for an offer because the prices vary just a little from person to person. :)

    -7 DCs of Cobblestone
    -1 DC of Fences
    -7 DC of Powered Rails
    -1 SC of Rails
    -1 SC of Hoppers
    -1 SC of Redstone

    I believe that is everything. If I need more I will add it to the list. As I purchase the materials, I will cross them off the list. :)
  2. Go to /v +market smp8, you will find all those material, no fence but lots of wood log
  3. I can get you all the cobblestone, and depending on price, the rails and hoppers too. Please send me a PM. :)
  4. Aight. OP updated. Anyone got whats remaining? Doesn't have to be all of it. Just 1 DC or whatever is fine too. :)