[Buying] DC of Snow Blocks

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  1. Hey Empire! I'm looking for a DC of snow blocks. If you have them, post here with a price.

  2. I wonder what these snow blocks are for :p
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  3. I can sell you a DC of Snow Blocks, but you do have to wait like two days for me to finish it.
    How about 15k for it?
  4. That seems very steep, how about 12k?
  5. It takes a very long time to do, how about 13.5k :p
  6. Sure.
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  7. I'll start working right now. I'll let you know when I'm finished. :)
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  8. Lol I was going to sell cheap like 5k. But ok
  9. Crafter ill take them off you for 3k...

    Sorry for the rip off deal :p
  10. I am very very sorry that I have to say hat I don't think your order will be done before europe friday. This is because I suddenly got a whole lot of things to do (e.g. homework). That's also why I didn't had time yesterday. Again, I'm very sorry for this. :(
  11. That's fine, take your time. There's no rush. I don't care if I get them in a month.