[buying] Cords of a Blizz ard {Open}

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  1. I am buying the coordinates to a Blizz ard Mob For 5-10k (Please tell me if this is to high/low)
    It can be on any smp

    (weeh666 Said that this was aloud)

    No longer Buying Sorry
  2. I thought they were all killed or removed after this promotion?
  3. They arent automatically removed, so they'll be rare but there may still be some
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  4. Oh good to know.
  5. I found a thanks giving turkey sometime in feb so they stick around for a while
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  6. The ones that were in the waste have been gone for months. However, there is still a possibility you'll find one lingering in the wild overworld or wild nether.
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  7. blizzards are rarer then turkeys for a few reasons,
    1. they aggro everything
    2. they arent fire resistant like turkeys so if they go into lava they die
    3. they wander alot more then turkeys and are likely to wander into desert and die

    although i did find one near a wilderness spawn underground a few days ago
  8. Oh right. I was thinking Super Turkeys at the time. Hell biomes and Blizz Ards don't get along well do they? :p
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