Buying Cobblestone In Bulk

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  1. Put in your orders for cobblestone I am selling it for 20r a stack. If you want to order some cobble do it like this. ( your name ) wants ( how many stacks ) and I will pay ( amount of ruppes )
    So just do 20 x ( how many stacks ) and that equals your ( amount of ruppes )
    So please order your cobblestone and I will check this every so often to check for orders and will contact you for the pick up place ( 7384 ) The limit for cobblestone is 2 double chests.
  2. Kells18
    2 Double Chests
    Pay: 2160r
  3. Daffy22
    2 Double Chests
    Pay: 2160r
  4. I am working on this now
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  5. Hey people can you please like some posts to help out my buisness :)
  6. 1000 stacks, please. 20,000r.

  7. ok thats going o take a while :p
  8. ok im going to make a limit to 2 double chests full sorry its just really hard
  9. lol, good luck filling that order! its probably not worth it to put the time in to get all that cobble. you could get way more money collecting sand and selling it to shops, then mining cobble off a cobble gen.(assuming)
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  10. Hes right but im not getting rid of this its just im outting the limit down to 2 double chests full
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  11. After PM request from OP;

    I understand that 1000 is too much. So,

    2 double-chests, please. 2160r.

    If you can supply more, afterwards - great. Thanks.
  12. Yeah you can place more orders later and can some people start liking some things im trying for a well known member :D
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  13. Now your just begging for likes!
  14. good luck with all of the orders it must be tough :eek:
  15. lol I need them and thanks so much
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  16. yeah it is hey godofgame your from smp3! :D
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  17. Please don't quad post like that. Simply edit your post, as this would be considered spam.