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  1. Hello there today, I am buying Cakes by the DC or SC. PM me with offers. I am going to need about 20-25 Double Chest. Not all at once though, you can contact me and sell however many DC's or SC you have c: Will negotiate offers to make a happy transaction c:

    PM me ingame or On site. Happy January xD c:
  2. Just a question...why so many? :p
  3. A very important project...
  4. Bought a SC off AmusedStew! 24 1/2 to go! c:
  5. bump! Offer still going c:
  6. How much are you willing to pay?
  7. Depends on what you need, willing to work on a agreeable price around your offer c:
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  8. Well, when I'm having some time this afternoon, I'll try to make some for you :).
  9. I should be able to get you 10 or 20 DC's pretty quickly by Friday or Saturday :)
  10. Well, I have a lot of cows, sugar, buckets, eggs and wheat. Shouldn't be much of a problem :).