(buying) buying alot of white wool and glass

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  1. title says is all
    i'm going to the cheapest shop available
    if u want me to go to ur shop then post a comment below!!!!!
    And tell ur res number and server!!!!

    That is all!
  2. Also put down selling chests in my res at 8436 in smp4
  3. SMP7 (14010)

    Glass for 45r / stack
    White wool for 8r / 8
  4. I can get u some glass and white wool cause i am full of wool and i have alot of glass so il sell a stack of wool for 40 rupees and glass stack for 40 rupees only for u come at my res /v 10446 in smp5 and il get u the things u need yust message me k?
  5. Well i know im not new here so il set up 2 shops for the wool and the glass specialy for u ok?
  6. chest shops are not specifical, anyone can byt from them...