[BUYING] Bulk orders (DC's & SC's)

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  1. I need to buy a ton of stuff in bulk. If you can fullfil any of these orders, let me know!

    What i need:

    7 DC of cobble - I'll pay 2.5k per DC or 1k per SC
    3 DC Smoothstone - I'll pay 3.5k per DC or 1.5k per SC
    4 DC of Redstone dust - Ill pay 10k per DC or 5k per SC
    3 DC String - I'll pay 8.5k per DC or 4k per SC
    2 DC Quartz - I'll pay 24k per DC or 10k per SC
    3 DC Iron ingots - 13k per DC or 6k per SC

    That's over 180k worth of orders, so if you want to get loadsa cash, let me know. Thanks guys
  2. I would like to take all cobble and smoothstone order please?
  3. Great, so thats 28k for 7 DC of cobble and 3 DC of smoothstone?
  4. Yup, sounds right.
  5. I would like to take all the iron order please?
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  6. Is the quartz just quartz or Quartz blocks? If it's just quartz and I can get that for you. 2DC's of quartz
  7. I could possibly get you the string
  8. i can provide you with the 3DCs of string. let me know how you want them chest for you to pick up or delivered.
    PM me what your decide
  9. Hi havioxs, filling that strings order would be perfect, im going to set up some chests on my res, ill let you know where they are once they are set up, thanks!
  10. Great! I'll set up chests for yourself also, and ill let you know where once they are set up. Thanks!
  11. Sorry SkareCboi, looks like someone beat you to it, if it doesnt happen, ill let you know, thanks tho
  12. Just quartz please
  13. In Desperate need for Redstone dust. Just a gentle reminder, i am paying 10k per DC or 5K per SC.
  14. did skarecboi already fill the order? also idk if i can get 3 dcs ik at least one though
  15. Unfortunately he did beat you to it this time, he was ready and waiting, which was great. Im sure if you keep hold of those other strings for a few days, ill probably need more tho!