[BUYING] Bulk items for White Cloud

Discussion in 'Buying' started by Eclipsys, Oct 13, 2016.

  1. Greetings EMCians!

    Galazeek and I are looking to buy/find the following items for our project!

    6DC's of quartz blocks
    7DC of red brick
    8 DC quartz stairs
    6.5 DC of Chiseled Quartz
    6.5 DC of quartz pillar
    3 DC quartz slab

    If you can supply us please contact us via PM and we'll discuss pricing!

    All the best,
    ~Ecli & Gala
  2. Contact TheMrImpossible about quartz, he might be able to help you :)
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  3. will do, thanks!
  4. Did you get all the wool?

    And what prices are the brick blocks?
  5. Come check my price at /v +market on smp8,
    I have quartz blocks by the chest and you save.
    I do have clay that you can turn into red brick, or I can do it for a little extra for the used of the coal.
  6. what is white cloud?
  7. I have 1 sc quartz
  8. We got 10 DC's - still need another 17

    We already got an offer for the full brick load :)

    We'll come by when we need more quartz!

    A big white build on SMP1 307 308 309 417 418 419

    When can you deliver?
  9. I can deliver whenever
  10. I went to look at your big project, it's going to look nice.
    If you had some chest set up with purchase quartz block, per stack. People can just drop by and sale you some.
    When you have what you need, just remove the sign.
  11. will do =)
  12. I have lots of wool if you need it, just find me online or send me a PM, old build is almost torn down, :)