[Buying] Bones, Sulpher, Ink Sacks

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  1. Hello,

    I am currently Purchasing Bones, Sulpher and Ink Sacks.
    Post here of PM me with offers please.

    Thanks :)
  2. I take it you mean gunpowder?
  3. Yes. I was referring to the shop's and original game name for it.
  4. 2515 I m not sure how many bones I have left.
  5. how many bone you need and how much will you pay per stack?
  6. Ill buy as many bones as you will sell me.

    A bulk deal would constitute 2500r per dc.
  7. i have a single chest and i'll sell that for around 1500r?
  8. Half of a dc would price it at 1250r for me.
  9. I'll buy that single chest
  10. I have a single chest of gun powder. I'm really not sure on the price, so how about you make me an offer. I assume all of these are for the new fireworks that are coming out.