[Buying] Black & Yellow wool

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  1. the batcave is getting an overhaul, and i need a lot of black wool.. i don't know how much i actually need so i'm just going to go as it progresses so i may be coming back to this thread a lot.

    - i have a few chests set up now for donations if anyone is kind enough to donate their black or yellow wool to me, also accepting any kind of rupees donations to buy wool is also awesome.
    - beside the donation chests are a few chests set up to sell the black and yellow wool, at what i was told was a fair price of 92 rupees per stack!
    both are open and ready to be filled.

    if you want to sell in bulk and don't want to kill your finger with clicking let me know and we can arrange something.
    if you know of anywhere who sells decently priced wool, also let me know.

    chests are set up on utopia at 5268
    thanks! :)
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  2. Time to dig through my 500 chests. (This may take 5 hours.)
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  3. I'll sell you two DCs of black wool for 7000r :)
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  4. megs, pm cadgamer101.

    I am sure he can hook you up with a TON of wool :)
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  5. i am in absolute no hurry, i still need to scale what i'm building to fit 120x120 ... by the way, is anyone good with this kinda thing? lol i'm overwhelming myself with trying to figure out how to scale this so its perfect. lol
    done! thanks stew :)
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  6. Okay... I gave you teh free wool! (Also if ya come on ill give ya a LAM head and 49 carpet (black))
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  7. i will more than likely need a few chests of yellow wool also, so lets add that to the list of needs. ;P
  8. cadgamer... again.
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  9. alright, i'm still desperately looking for more yellow wool, i've got a little bit of black still stocked up but i need a lot of yellow, i've messaged and bought most of cadgamers supply lol, anyone else?
  10. i can sell you a couple stacks :) also check out shavingfoam's shop on smp5 :)
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  11. :) still searching!