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  1. I can sell one for 26k
  2. But if not I dont earn money
  3. Then you spent too much. Plus, sometimes you have to sell things for less than you paid for them. As prices drop, thats guaranteed to happen. Its just how the economy works.
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  4. Yes so I can won some money. I am a business man I work in this.
  5. I think you need to rethink your strategy...
  6. Why? When You will give up criticising me? All I said You have something to say about it. Do You have something against me? I am making an offer and what I offer is none of your business
  7. 9139 - SMP4 Has one in stock
  8. Chill. Im just pointing out that if you offer him a product for significantly more rupees than someone else, after you already saw that person offer them it, you are going to get no where. All i did was suggest that you rethink your plan. Look at it like this:
    Car salesman 1: I will sell you this car for $23999
    Buyer: I think i will pass, thanks though!
    *Buyer goes to another dealership*
    Buyer: ____ dealership offered me this car for $23999, I would like it for less than that
    Car salesman 2: How about $28999?!
    Buyer: -_-
    Rest of the World: -_-

    You are car salesman 2. See how Your plan could use refining?
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  9. "A salesman is got to dream, boy. It comes with the territory."—Charley, Death of a Salesman
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  10. Haha, the only real sensible character in that work!
  11. the going rate at many stores is 22-24k -.-
  12. He didnt say he can have it cheaper so I offered and now he knows the place he can buy it cheaper because You told him. Now I will not earn any money because of You . And You has always something to say about me. Thank You very much for saying another place he could buy it cheaper ( I am being sarcastic). Now I want to tell You dont to interfer in my business. Could that be possible?
  13. btw pab10s is selling them 25k, in case you need to buy one.
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  14. I didnt tell him anything.
    Also, it is my right to make sure that others dont get ripped off. You wont earn any money cause your prices are too high, dont try to put the blame on me. And i look out for others so that they get a real deal. If that means interfering in anyones business, then thats what i will do:)

    Edit: I would also like to point out, that your post was RIGHT under these three, so it would have been very hard for you to not notice that.
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  15. i feel stupid. i thought that you used some sort of magic to add in a piece from another thread but that is a screenshot... -_-
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  16. No dont worry, You didnt say anything. Are You kidding me? You put the link! Your Job must not be interfering in other people businesses if someone wanted to sell something for a price. If the buyer agrees to buy a dirt for 1000000, he agrees and no discussion. He dont get the best price but I am selling him the product. So, stop lying because now he knows where to buy it cheaper and YES You are interfering on my business ( My english is so bad)