Buying at 13130 sandstone, wool and more

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  1. I have a buy sell shop on smp6 13130,

    I buy :-

    wool all colours 64r a stack

    sandstone 64r a stack
    smooth sandstone 64r a stack
    sandstone slabs 20r a stack
    sand 20r a stack

    oak logs 64r a stack
    pine logs 64r a stack
    birch logs 64r a stack
    jungle logs 64r a stack

    oak planks 16r a stack
    pine planks 16r a stack
    birch planks 16r a stack
    jungle planks 16r a stack

    cobblestone 18r a stack
    stone 30r a stack
    stone brick 30r a stack
    nether brick 64r a stack

    A few more of the items I buy:-
    gold ingots
    iron ingots
    nether stairs
    nether fence
    and a few other items

    Please check out the shop for prices on these and other items I buy : -

    I also have large quantities of most of these items if your looking to buy from the shop.
  2. Prices updated to most selling items.

    I have large quantities of many items so bulk buys are not a problem