[BUYING] An unused Comet promo from a Christmas I missed and more

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  1. I am looking to buy an unused Comet reindeer from last year. Please PM me if you have an extra one that you are willing to part with for a price.

    I was gone a year+ over the last year-ish time frame and am just getting back recently. Missing end 2018, complete 2019 stuff.

    I have already acquired a Presidential Pen, a Declaration of Independence and a Can Opener from the time I have missed here.

    If you know of other promos I have missed in this time frame and don't have one to sell please shout them out here so I can seek them out. I have a nice collection since 2014 and I regret missing a year. If you have extras of the 2018/2019 promos, I am looking to buy what I don't have for my collection. Please PM me.

    Side note: I am still looking for a Rudolf reindeer cause I believe it was a 2013 promo before I joined EMC but I need it and a Comet to complete my reindeer collection. So if you have an extra Rudolf your willing to part with please PM me on that too.

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  2. I may be able to help out with several. Just remind me ingame 0/
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  3. Ok. I did get a Comet but I am still looking for any of the other late 2018 through 2019 promos I don't have already. :)
  4. Have you made a list?...

    ... did you check it twice? ...
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  5. Hehehe. Not even sure who is naughty or nice. :p
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  6. Put me on the naughty list... please... Har!
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