[Buying] An Epic Signature

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  1. I need a Signature
    Hey Guys I would like to pay someone to make me a signature.
    Post the signature here and if I like it I will pm you about price and other info.

    What is Needed on the Signature:
    A Gold Block thats link-able
    A Red Sand Block thats link-able

    What is Wanted on the Signature:
    Me and Killa's Skins [If possible, make these link-able, if not its fine]
    The Words: Spartan Inc. [again needs to be link-able]

    Bye the way if there is anything here that cant be done, let me know, I dont know much about making signatures.

    Thanks So Much!

    EDIT: The Backround is Currently Your Choice. I recommend I be something Midieval-ish though, or maybe even the 16667 megamall me and killa own...
  2. Bump. Anyone plan to, or already, start making one? Just wondering.
  3. I will start one soon.
  4. Anyone Else want to give this a try? The more people trying, the more options I get. Refer to the OP for requirements and other prefered things.
  5. before i start, what is about the price you'd pay for it?
  6. Around 5k, I can compromise... This is the number I am giving without Killa's approval though since I wont see him for 20 hours. Depend on what he says, and what we think of it, the price may lower or raise.

    Edit: Forgot to consult Killa, but I have changed the the award to a beacon. Or those who would prefer r, its 8ooor
  7. Bump. Anyone else want to give this a shot?
  8. Another Bump. Still need more people. As of right now the only person I know that is making it is boozle. I need more people. Anyone else plan to give it a try?
  9. I made an edit to a previous post, the payment is now a beacon OR 8k. If I love it I may offer more, but as I said, I not giving a specific price. Different Results= Different Payments

    I need more people to do this. Come on guys, wheres the rest of the experts?

    PS; Boozle hows yours going?
  10. Bump! More Creators needed... Refer the the op about whats wanted and or need also
    moving Spartan Inc. to the needed category... also prefer if our names are link-able also
  11. The biggest problem is that you're asking for everything to be linkable. That means breaking the sig into a bunch of multiple smaller images that may or may not fit together so well.
    Making one sig image as a link is fine, but trying to request so many things as "linkable" objects makes it much more difficult to come up with something that works well.
  12. It's actually quite easy, see below V :p

    I'll give it a go if I find some time
  13. Exactly Like Alex's! Well oviously not exacly like it... but thats what I am looking for in general...
    If you were to do a format like alex's it would be kind of like this:
    K-Skin>RedSand>K-user>R-user>GoldBlock>R-Skin With the backround saying Spartan Inc. instead of alexchance and the pic being of our megamall or just a normal minecraft world.
    (Thats what I'm hoping for anyway)

    As for Links this is what I was thinking
    Each Skin would link to start a private message here on emc.
    The Names would link to our profile pages.
    The Red Sand would Link to a thread about Killa's Spartan Fire Floor for event postings
    The Gold Block would Link to our future youtube channel when we get it started
    Spartan Inc. would Link to our website or facebook

    Only Problem is, we dont have all these forums and/or websites set up yet.

    Thanks Everyone. These recent posts tell me people are finally noticing and coming to help me out :D Thanks so much, and thanks to boozle for being the first to offer services.
  14. Okay, I will leave the BB coding to you. :confused:
    Anyways, Alex's signature is much less complicated than you are asking. You cannot just have a hole in an image to link specific text in it.
  15. Is there a video tutorial for that?
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  17. Ok not sure if I'm reading this right, but does this mean you cant do it boozle?
  18. I should be able to still, just keep in mind that I cannot link something inside of another image. It will just look a little funky when you click on it.