{Buying} All 1.8 Stones!!

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  1. Hey EMC,

    I am in Need of Lots of the New 1.8 Stones.....

    If you have any, please PM me on the site.

    I will setup a Room to sell to if i have time tomorrow, if not Thurs, as I have school for 14 hours tomorrow....

    to give you an Idea, i need about 20-30 DC's of each for a new Build....

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  2. Good god...

    I almost need that much stone for my builds...
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  3. haha, i just bought 160 DC's of Stone for the build.... :p
  4. What's a 1.8 stone? There's different blocks called "stone"?
  5. Andesite, Granite, and Diorite, all are from 1.8 they are varients of stone as proved by their data values.

    Stone = 1:0
    Granite = 1:1
    Diorite = 1:3
    Andesite = 1:5

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  6. Bump,

    Just waking up getting ready to head to class....
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  7. Buying all these at 12731@sell , for 100r per stack!!