Buying Air.. Whuuu?

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by hoi, Dec 19, 2012.

  1. 2012-12-19_20.22.36.png
    Okay, what's up with this?
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  2. Perhaps the iteminfo command would lead to answers... I bet its a Dirt block.
  3. troll
    *shakes head*
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  4. I tried to buy some, none was in stock.
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  5. Nice photoshop.
  6. It is possible to put air on a shop sign. Just it is not so possible to get it in the chest.
  7. I swear to god, come to residence # 15049 SMP7 in a little dirt hut to the right.
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  8. Haha, maybe the guy spaced something so it didnt register as a shop.
  9. HOLY $@#% * makes air farm/shop * ruins economy * in your face aikar!
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  10. I will go test it out myself.
    (14664) Smp7
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  11. No, it's a legitimate shop sign. But you can't stock it. Since air has an Item ID, it can be put on a shop sign.
  12. It works!
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  13. Guys their are some things that can put on a shop sign but you cant stock it at all for example you can sell
    -Locked Chest
    thats all i am going to reveal but don't worry this is not photoshop nor can you buy or stock any its just for looks..
    Also if it has a item ID then it can be put as a shop sign
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  14. i just spawned air on my SP world... turns out this stuff in flammable. xD
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  15. Tried it out, air's block ID is 0. Went onto my server and spawned some in.
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  16. Cool, ill try this! ;)
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  17. i thought air was free o_o
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  18. only in capitalist america, Britain, Australia, and everywhere else in the world EXCEPT for soviet russia, where you are free to the air.
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  19. not on smp7
  20. Is it high quality air?