Buying: a stack of sponges

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  1. Good Morning Empire!
    In my ongoing quest to exploit guardians, it seems they got the last laugh. I was mining out the farm and fell into a deep pit containing about 12 of them. Long story short, I died and lost all my sponges. I am in need of a full stack, and I will pay up to 75 k if someone out there is gracious enough to mail them to me. Please send me a pm before you do, just in case I already found some. Thanks:)
  2. In most cases a stack can go for over you're going to have a relatively hard time finding someone to do 75k.
  3. Are you willing to pay more? 75k for a stack is about 1,171r per sponge.
  4. I'd be happy to do 110k for a stack. Are you interested?
  5. They are selling for 1 k, look at the post below mine from bushyspecialk. Unfortunately I cannot go over 75 k. This farm has gotten quite expensive, and I simply can't go any higher
  6. I could however return 32 of them upon completion, and would let you keep the 75 k. I could give you a dancer or something expensive as collateral to hold as a deposit until I've returned them.
  7. i may take u up on this deal i will pm you
  8. If you haven't made a deal with 820327, I can do this.
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