[BUYING] 5 different types of saplings, 5-10 stacks of each

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  1. I'm buying the following tree saplings:

    Dark Oak

    Depending on the price, I'm looking to buy 5-10 stacks of each sapling.
  2. I can give you the oak
  3. I can sell you all but the Dark Oak and a couple stacks of Jungle if your interested
  4. I can get oak and spruce
  5. Silly me, I already had four stacks of dark oak saplings, but I would like four or five more. I definitely need jungle and spruce saps. Just let me know your prices, either here or in PM. Or if you can direct me to a shop that works too.
  6. I have spruce and dark oaks if you want?
  7. I'll take at my res, 18160, there's a shop for oak saplings
  8. Okay, thanks a lot guys! I got several responses and hopefully I will have some saplings soon. No need to respond here anymore, though I appreciate it!
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