[Buying] 4DC of Glass Blocks & 6DC of Wool & 4DC of Sandstone & 2 DC of Glowstone

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  1. Hi Emperians!

    I am buying the following items:

    4 DC of Glass Blocks
    6 DC of White Wool
    4 DC of Sandstone
    4 DC of Glowstone

    Please offer pricings for this whole package!

    Thx in advance,

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  2. Glass has been taken care off :D
  3. Wonder who this is all for...
  4. I think I have bout a sc chest of wool. 3k?
  5. I'm looking to buy it all in one go (per material) that saves me lots of trouble =p
  6. Edit: Make that 19 DC of white wool, who can deliver??
  7. might I ask, What in God's name do you plan to do with all this?.... I understand everything but the wool....
  8. Curious, is this for t build or some one elses?
  9. 18 DC of wool* for undisclosed new project

    It is for something else :) I buy the wool for your build at another spot.

    Do you know anyone who could supply 18 DC of white wool :D?
  10. Depends how fast you need it, if you mind waiting try Kad's supply co.
  11. Try cadgamer101 he has tons of wool
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  12. I started a convo with Kadboy about supplying the remaining glowstone/sandstone/wool :)
  13. He will love you for that :)
  14. Supplying for the high rollers XD
  15. Also I started a PM with you, in case you want to reduce my wool inventory :).