[Buying] 4 Beacons

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  1. Hey buying 4 beacons
    Thinking of around the 15k each mark
    Post your offer below if you want to sell to me
    Could rise the price for someone to sell

    I can't get on probably until 3 days so can't be straight away sorry
    Due to lots of exams and assignments at school
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  2. Sounds Like some1 is gona make some fireworks :D
  3. lol already have 4 just need 4 more
    for a mega mall about to be open on smp1 res 540
  4. probably with 8 beacons u will make every1 fly into the megamall :D
  5. Talk about exams: Next Monday I have to do a speech for English and a 60% Maths Exam :O
  6. bump come on anyone have some?
  7. i do, but the lowest i can do is 30 unless u have the skulls