[Buying] 32 Double Chests of Dirt Cheap

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  1. I have a fairly large project I'm working on (A very multi-level farm) and it requires a lot of dirt. I am accepting donations, so if you have a ton you want to get rid of, you can give it to me :D.

    My residence is 8473 in Smp 4.

    I'm paying as follows:
    1 Block of Dirt: Free
    16 Blocks of Dirt: 1 Rupee / Free
    32 Blocks of Dirt: 1 Rupee / Free
    64 Blocks of Dirt: 1 Rupee / Free
    128 Blocks of Dirt: 5 Rupees / Free
    576 Blocks of Dirt: 12 Rupees / Free -This is one full row in your inventory
    1152 Blocks of Dirt: 25 Rupees / Free -This is half of your inventory
    2304 Blocks of Dirt: 50 Rupees / Free - This is a full inventory

    I know these prices are very low, but it's a good way to get rid of dirt and help someone out at the same time!

    I will be making EMC's BIGGEST Sugar Cane Farm (37 layers of 60x60 farm with roughly 80% Efficiency)

    Thanks for your time and help!
  2. i will have alot soon i can sell, im also workin on a farm but under my res. Hopefully you will see me soon!
  3. Hey man i dont want to keep transporting, so ill set up a chest with inv price cuz i got 3 DC of dirt
  4. OK, so when you go to 11149, you will jump down, then infront of the little building there will be 4 DC stacked up.
    3 are filled with dirt at ur rate for full inv. buy, buy, buy! :D
  5. Ill sell you 3 DC of dirt for 100r
  6. lol guess I need to bump my thread again.