[Buying] 20 double chest of dirt.

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  1. I am buying 20 double chest of dirt.
    300r for every 20 double chests i get.
  2. That's a bit cheap
  3. Is that better?
  4. I will sell you 5 double chests, with pleasure. :) If you pay me 500r, I will set up 5 double chests of dirt for you at 10159. :)
  5. You mean 1.5k :cool:
  6. No, he is asking 1.5k for 20 double chests, just naming a price. :cool:
  7. -_- No, I mean giving him 5 doublechests of dirt for 500r.
  8. you are both wrong I said 300r for 20 double chest
  9. Isn't it like 100r/double chest?
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  10. I'm not wrong, I just named a price, yes or no?
  11. I sell lots of dirt at my res outside of my shop at 1215 I refill daily and have plenty in stock. I also restock while I am on and people are buying.

    EDIT: Oh btw im on SMP1