[BUYING] 2 Beacons!

Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by Eclipsys, Nov 1, 2012.

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  1. Hello EMC Community! I'm looking to BUY 2 Beacons! I'll pay 70k per beacon!

    If you have one and want to sell it to me, please contact me!

  2. **EDIT** Either via PM or reaction to this thread :)
  3. i NEED that money..... but i dont have one.....
  4. go look/make one then! :D The hunt is on
  5. i cant, my minecraft is messed up atm.....
  6. How do you craft a beacon? Minecraft Wiki is down.
  7. I have a friend on SMP8 and he has a beacon on his res....
  8. you need a wither star :/
  9. Is he willing to sell his?
  10. wither star and a few(like depending size it was like 32-140) Diamond or gold or iron or emerald blocks.
  11. 1 beacon bought! Looking for 1 more!
  12. Same here. Whenever I try to log in, it shows the updating screen about 85% of the way full, and never passes. Anyone know why?
  13. i couldnt find that one
  14. Might have install a mod wrong it happens to me all the time when trying out new mods :) have best thing to fix it is to deleted .bun file on minecraft folder then open MC to let Download a new bin :) hope this help and I told is right been awhile since done that do me
  15. I got it fixed, had to force update. Thanks anyways. :D
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  16. do you know in which chest that beacon is xD? coz i cant find it
  17. I'll give you a beacon right here right now for 70k no problem 8179 smp4
  18. Sold both my beacons to Eclipsys :D
  19. 3 beacons in, 1 to go :D!
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